About Our Backdrops

At Club Backdrops we create professional portable backdrops for food photography, product photography, portraiture, flat lay, fashion, video & social. Crafted especially for professionals, entrepreneurs & content creators.

We currently offer two distinct types of backdrop - our durable, waterproof vinyl photography backdrops, perfect for small to expansive product & food photography scenes - and our quality matte canvas studio backdrops, perfect for head shots, portraiture or video.

Vinyl Backdrops for Product & Food Photography

Our vinyl backdrops come in two sizes: just larger than A1 size: 60 x 90 cm / 2 x 3 ft and just larger than A0 size: 90 x 120cm / 3 x 4ft, perfect sizes for product photography and food photography. They're a colour-accurate, high-resolution 1:1 replica of the original texture - so in front of the lens they appear just like the real thing. We print them on a durable 415gsm vinyl, which is flexible with a matte finish to minimise glare, as well as waterproof & easy to wipe clean - ideal for food shoots. Use them for flat lay shots, or fix them upright as a vertical backdrop and create evocative still-life scenes using multiple backdrops. We deliver them rolled up, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in sturdy cardboard tubing that can be used to store them safely.

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Canvas Fabric Studio Backdrops for Portrait & Video

Our premium matte canvas fabric studio backdrops are perfect for waist-up portraiture, head shots, hair/makeup & photo booth. They also make great video backdrops for vloggers. Available up to a portable 1 x 2.1m / 3.5 x 7ft, they are ideal for the travelling photographer. A colour-accurate, high-resolution 1:1 replica of the original hand-crafted artwork designed by Tommy at Club Backdrops. Printed-to-order here at our workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland with durable inks on quality canvas, they look & feel like an authentic painted work of art. They fit one person in the frame from the waist up when hung vertically, or up to two people from the chest up when hung horizontally. We deliver them via courier only, carefully wrapped and protected in strong custom cardboard tubing - rolled up, crease free and ready-to-shoot.

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About our Portrait Backdrops

About Club Backdrops

Club Backdrops is the creation of Matt & Tommy Gunn-Cullin, born from our own needs as photographers when trying to keep our own photography interesting and current. We found that lugging around heavy materials and props for use as backgrounds was simply not convenient. Working with coloured paper and card proved frustrating as it would tear, crease or mark so easily, having only a single use which was incredibly wasteful. We discovered vinyl was an ideal surface for portable product photography, and when we couldn't find the exact styles we wanted, we decided to design and create our own. After receiving endless requests to develop larger photography backgrounds, we invested in our own large format printing equipment and our canvas portrait backdrops were born. In 2019, talented photo-artist Ellie Noble and illustrator Michael Latorre joined our team to help take our little business to the next level. Today we operate exclusively from our workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland - printing, cutting and posting our unique backdrops around the world, throughout the year.

We will continue to produce new artwork and designs on a seasonal basis, so join the club to stay up to date with our latest collections. We hope you like them and enjoy the new creative opportunities our backdrops open up for your own photography.

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