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Club Ambassadors

Next level! Welcome to our invite-only Club Ambassadors where you can get rewarded for sharing Club Backdrops with your followers. It goes like this:

*** Give a Backdrop *** Get 10% Commission ***

+ Club Credit Bonuses

To summarise:

  • Get 10% commission from new customer sales that come via your unique referral link
  • Give a FREE BACKDROP* to your followers (*with any other backdrop purchase)
  • Earn Club Credit bonuses redeemable for backdrops at

Club Credit Bonuses

Monthly Conversions Monthly Bonus
1 to 4 10 Club Credits
5 to 9 20 Club Credits
10 to 19 50 Club Credits
20+ 100 Club Credits

1 Club Credit is equivalent to 1 GBP, 1.5 USD / EUR or 2 AUD / CAD, redeemable for goods at only.

Sound good? Great! Help us out with some details and we'll get your personal login set up, lickety-split.

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